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Best Screen Lock

Best Screen Lock

VcareAll Solution Pvt. Ltd.
2.2 and up

Best Screen Lock App is a playing lock screen to unlock your Android phone. This is a best screen lock App which shows up when you press your sleep/wake (power) button. All you have to do is put your finger on the Centre Ball and Play like carom to hit any corresponding Ball.

Best Screen Lock App is work on the principle of hitting the application balls. In this Screen Lock You can select any application from your list and Wallpaper background from your gallery. It will give you a unique full screen Wallpaper background with selected important application on the screen.

Best Screen Lock App Features : –

1. It will give help you to Lock the Mobile phone screen with selected important apps.
2. It will help you to select any app from your applications.
3. It will help you to select any background and give you full screen visibility of it.
4. It will give you a Center Ball which will help you to play and unlock the phone with three important widgets by simply hitting them.
5. Three widgets will be Apps, Messages and Contact which will be open correspondingly on hitting any of them with center Ball.

How to unlock?

You can unlock your phone by hitting any important app or unlock app ball. Put your finger on center ball and hitting any corresponding balls of applications.
Best Screen Lock is helping users to give best screen lock experience by simply hitting the balls and unique game screen Lock.

Version History

1. Minor Memory Fixes, Bug Fixes
2. Added Year in Date, Add New Cool Backgrounds.

We welcome your suggestions and ideas to improve this Best Screen Lock application to match your expectations.95be3c419f