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Bubble Screen Lock

Bubble Screen Lock

VcareAll Solution Pvt. Ltd.
4.0 and up

Are you thinking,How to get apple watch on your android phone? here the solution we are proving the first Android app having Apple Watch Springboard.
Apple Watch Springboard On Android – Bubble Screen lock Launcher
Bubble Screen lock Launcher is an innovative screen lock launcher, featuring unique design,user-friendly interface,low battery and resources requirements that allows you to launch any application with just a few taps.
Not having Apple watch yet?? than enjoy with ‪VcareAll‬’s ‪Bubble Screen Lock‬ Launcher.
All apps, contacts,messages and setting in Apple Watch style are here in “colourful galaxy circle” style on the launcher home screen or lock screen.

Featured –

Bubble Screen lock Launcher is completely different and unique screen lock launcher application on Play Store.

  • It gives you access all the application on a single screen with vertical navigation. No need to select
    an app for a specific screens every time you want to start.
  • It automatically organizes your apps automatically on single screen. Exploring and finding your apps
    has never been so easy.
  • Allow your favorite apps to start them faster.
  • You can go to setting screens automatically with a single tap navigation to performance important
  • It is optimized for almost every Android device. You can use it on your phone and on your tablet
    every part of Bubble Screen lock Launcher is well designed.
  • It provide the low battery consumption with faster navigation.
  • Bubble‬ Screen lock Launcher, User interface of apple watch‬ become a launcher in android.
    VcareAll Team is putting their best efforts forward to ensure that you can chat with anyone or everyone to whom you like. For any suggestions or queries write us at bubblescreenlock@vcareall.com.