Buzzing Dhol

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3.0 & up

Don’t go missing any opportunity to jazz-up your life and say a big yes for all forthcoming enthralling & spicy events in the vicinity and all across the globe. Get ready to hold your heart tightly, as you are going to overwhelm with all upcoming events’updates by installing a breathtaking event buzzer app Buzzing Dhol. It’s an amazing app to vibrate your dull life and add an extra crispy factor.


It’s an event buzzer app fully loaded with fresh and new updates about all enthusiastic forthcoming events around you and worldwide. To embark an exhilarating journey, go for downloading the breathtaking app “Buzzing Dhol” and indulge with all events that will take place around you.


Be it music, festival, sport, movie or anything happening in surrounding; just go to search your interest and indulge. “Buzzing Dhol” updates you and accelerate your life with a few clicks on your Smartphone. So,click what you like and find all events near you such as;

  • Adventure
  • Party
  • Sports
  • Technology
  • Tourism
  • Valentine
  • Wedding
  • Concerts
  • Exhibitions
  • Carnival
  • Health
  • Arts
  • Carnival
  • Comedy
  • Competetion
  • Dance
  • Education
  • Fashion
  • Expo
  • Festival


  • “Buzzing Dhol” brings a broad grin on the youngsters’ faces, who are very crazy about singing, sports or parties and wish to grab all updates of exciting events that is going on or will take place surrounding.
  • “Buzzing Dhol” also takes care to match the unique taste& interest for Students, professional, individuals, families or charity enthusiastic etc. It makes you get along with all events including workshops, conference, Admission Fair,exhibitions, counseling,training programs, guest lectures and much more.
  • For them who want to become an attention holder or wish to spice up social life; “Buzzing Dhol” allow you an enormous detail of all alluring social events. So, get ready to stroll at social platform.
  • There is no need to take tensions if you have planned to go unknown place. Just click your event buzzer “Buzzing Dhol” and find out spellbinding events-related info on your screen according to your mood.
  • HOW TO USE –

    • Go to the PLAY STORE for ANDROID and APP STORE for IPHONE and download the app “Buzzing Dhol”.
    • Login with your Facebook user ID and Password.
    • Then, select icons according to your interest and continue.
    • Add your location.
    • Events list based on your interest and location will appear on your screen.
    • For sharing with your friends, go to select “Share” icon.
    • Choose “Follow”for following the event.
    • Go to setting for changing location and interest.

    So, download the app, puts your hands up and make some noise with all enthralling events-related info.