Chat One

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3.0 and up

Chatting freely is the only way to gossip with any unknown friend. New people with same interests and want to chat in a private room without getting caught!
ChatOne Application is compatible with android wearable too. You will get all the chats messages on your smart watch while driving, playing,etc.
Chat,Meet,Friend and Dating Freely on ChatOne Platform With AnyOne, AnyWhere.

Features Included :-

  • Secure Messaging(Your Secrets Are Safe) – Don’t worry about people finding out what messages you sent, or who you sent them to.
  • Chat freely on any(WHATEVER) topic with any(WHOEVER) one. Just like a real conversation, your messages don’t hang around.
  • Meet New & Unknown Friends – ChatOne is perfect for you and your best friends, we thought it might be nice to meet some new people as well. Join room chats based on your interests and connect with people all over the world!
  • Customisable Usernames – We want you to be you, so represent yourself that way. Customize your username to whatever you’d like, and that’s how your friends can find you!
  • Any friend, Any place – With ChatOne – You can chat with best friends anytime and anyplace.
  • Get Connected, Get Notified With Android Wearables – Connect with your friends through ChatOne with Android Wearables.
  • Go Anonymous(Hide Identity) With Your Unknown – Want to catch up on the latest interest? Throw a bunch of your friends with one to one chat and lets the fun begin.

ChatOne is useful application for everyone who share the same interest and want to chat freely and frankly in a private room.

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