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Kids ABC Alphabets

Kids ABC Alphabets

VcareAll Solution Pvt. Ltd.
2.2 and up

Kids ABC Alphabets

Junior Kids ABC Alphabets invites preschool kids to learn the ABC in ways that attracts them.
With Junior KIDS ABC letters. Your small kids will learn the alphabet letter names along with images that starts with alphabet.

Junior Kids ABC Letters not only teaches your kids about the alphabet. Knowing what object is started with that alphabet is a separate educational goal, called Kids ABC Visual.

To sum it up, Junior ABC Letters is about the names of the letters. While Junior Kids ABC Image is representing image/thing associated with those letters.

This is an AD free version, which is fully featured from A to Z. Keep on upgrading to get some great learning experience.
Kids ABC Letters FREE is the first app in our reading curriculum series.

Get ready to learn ABC in an interactive way “at your hand!!”