My Dictionary

VcareAll Solution Pvt. Ltd.
3.1 and up

My dictionary application is uniquely design to provide the functionality to save day to day words in multiple language with text description,photos,audio and videos. It will increase your day to day learnings.
This application is uniquely design to remember all the words while travelling different parts of the world. It will help you to increase your knowledge and help you to collect all your memories while travelling.

Steps to use My dictionary Application –

1. Add the description and meaning of desired word.
2. Optional – Add multiple video for desired word.
3. Optional – Add multiple audio for desired word.
4. Optional – Add multiple photos for desired word.
5. Save all the option for desired word.
6. Words can also be categories.
7. You can also edit the words later.
8. Photos, videos and Sound can also be edit later.

Therefore, it will be useful to the user to review his/her own words from time to time in order of memorisation.
VcareAll Team is putting their best efforts forward to ensure that you can save all your memories while travelling. For any suggestions or queries write us at