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Red Security - Antivirus Scan

Red Security – Antivirus Scan

VcareAll Solution Pvt. Ltd.
3.0 and up


Red Security provides complete solution for Android Phone Security free of cost. It provides Quick
Antivirus Scan, Anti theft Protection, Data Backup, Missing Device Snooper, Deep Scan, Browser
Cleaning and Total Security solution for Android devices.
It offers following Features For Free –

1) Quick Antivirus Scan – Quick Antivirus Scan is a signature based scanning to search for security threats including Trojan, vulnerability, adware, malware and spyware.

2) Anti theft Protection – Anti theft Protection allows you to remotely lock the device, sound an alarm on the device and clear the data of the device.

3) Cleaner – Clean up your browser history and cookies to increase performance of you phone by just a single click using Browser clean features.

4) Backup Data – Backup important contacts, files and images that can be retrieved on any other android device.

5) Missing Device – Missing Device helps to find your missing mobile phone through use of snooper and location tracking, remotely.

6) Deep Scan – Deep scan is a Library base antivirus scanning to search for security threats. It will scan each file & data of your device comprehensively.

7) Security – Security functionality containing several functions such as password protection and other security features to protect your phone completely.

8) Battery manager- Red Security allows you to manage your battery usage with ease.

VcareAll Team has developed the best antivirus yet. It is uniquely designed to fit in features of several apps available for android devices and protects your phone for free.