Track Any One

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3.0 and up

The time has gone, when you have to make many calls or messages to know the current status of your kids, parents, friends, beloveds or any one closed to your heart. With the successful launching of Location Spy Application “TrackAnyOne”, it has become very easy to tail the exact and accurate location of your beloved. The app has been designed to track the location of your beloved and others closed to hearts.With downloading the TraAnyOne App, you can follow anyone including friends, family members, friends, employees etc.


• It is one of the best applications to ensure that your beloveds are safe.
• With downloading the App, it becomes very easy to keep a close eye over your kids and get along with them at every step.
• It’s very easy to see all updates anytime & anywhere including live locations.
• For safety purpose, it’s just marvelous as it comes with SOS messaging feature. In an emergency, SOS messages are sent within one click to five individuals.
• Using TrackAnyOne app, you can track the location of all people listed in your contacts.
• It comes with the GPS tracking Technology to locate as well as provide their real time location updates using GPS navigation.


The app helps to get rid of many problems because of its unparalleled features such as
• It’s very ideal for safety purpose.
• You can keep in touch with your kids.
• Exact location can be found out very easily.
• To track employees’ travel route.
• Ensure the safety of your friends anytime.
• Based on Map/List view, user interface.
• SOS alert in case of emergency.
• To tail the family members.
• To figure out the exact location of your beloved
• It comes with GPS Tracking Technology.
• It can locate accurate location.
• GPS navigation provides real-time location.


• Go to the Apple store and download the app Track Anyone.
• Register yourself first by adding your name &mobile number and continue.
• Then, go to search box and type name or number whom you want to track.
• If he/she is not using the app than drop a message with the download link.
• To know whether others are using the app or not, go to menu icon and click add users section.
• The list will appear on your screen, whom you want to track.
• Go to “Emergency Alert” to save most important 5 numbers along with a message for any emergency.
• For sharing the app with your friends, you can go to click “Share” button.

So, use your Smartphone for a smart application “TrackAnyOne”.