What is Yii framework?

yii framework

Yii is a free, open-source Web application improvement system written in PHP5  that advances spotless, DRY plan and supports quick improvement. It attempts to streamline your application improvement and guarantees a to a great degree proficient, extensible, and viable finished result.

Being to a great degree execution improved, Yii is an ideal decision for any measured venture. Be that as it may, it has been worked with refined, venture applications as a primary concern. You have full control over the arrangement of going to toe (introduction to-diligence) to comply with your endeavor improvement rules. It comes bundled with devices to help test and troubleshoot your application and has clear and far-reaching documentation.


Features of Yii Framework :

yii framework


Yii is especially known for its speed. Applications created in Yii stacks quickly. It is light weighted and the code is especially enhanced. The languid stacking strategy enhances the speed of Yii. It neither burdens a class until the point when it is utilized nor makes a protest until the point when its got to out of the blue.

2.Muck Feature

Yii got the CRUD highlight. This actually spares stacks of time and makes our procedure considerably less demanding. For example, If we are building a client creation shape, we simply need to make the User table and the required fields in the database. Furthermore, utilizing Gii(link)((an intense device of Yii to produce models and controllers) we can undoubtedly create the User model and its CRUD.That’s all and we got the client create, update, delete and oversee framework all in a few ticks

3.Web Services(API Support).

Yii helps simple age of web administrations. We can make an activity and characterize a web service activity to it (only 1 line code). Also, in the event that we attempt to get to the activity as a URL what we see would be the main part of XML substance.

4. Storing

Storing enhances the execution and speed of your site. Yii causes you to coordinate diverse storing segments on various scenarios.This diminishes the time required for page load as it were.

5. Awesome help for Jquery and Ajax.

There are heaps of gadgets in Yii which have ajax and jquery bolster. It does have the jquery discourse, date picker and all with the goal that we simply need to call the gadgets. We can likewise send ajax asks for effectively utilizing the inbuilt

6. Inbuilt Authentication and Authorization


Yii has a default login framework, in which we can approve our client. We simply need to interface our User show into it. It got all the fundamental highlights required, say session, cookies, error taking care of and so forth. We can likewise control the login framework effortlessly


Yii got inbuilt part based access controls through which we can make parts to the clients. We can restrict the entrance to various areas in light of the parts.

7. Security

Yii is exceptionally secured. Two noteworthy sorts of assaults to a site are.

1. Cross-site Scripting (XSS)

An ordinary illustration is an assault in a terrible quality up discussion. The client can enter vindictive javascript code to the discussion and it will show up on the gathering page. Yii checks for the javascript and pernicious codes entered and is equipped for obstructing those noxious codes shape being gone into the site. CHtmlPurifier(inside Yii) does this reason.

2.Cross-site Request Forgery(CSRF)

These sort of assaults are primarily in charge of cash loss(mainly from banks). Yii makes the $_GET solicitations to recover information just, not to transform anything in the server.

Reasons to Choose the Yii Framework :

yii framework

 1. Simple to Install

For web engineers, time is cash, and nobody needs to invest their valuable energy in a convoluted establishment and arrangement process.

An establishment is dealt with utilizing Composer. On the off chance that you need a depiction of the establishment procedure, Sitepoint as of late distributed an incredible article here. I tend to support utilizing the essential application layout, notwithstanding when my site has a different front-and backend segment. Rather, I select to utilize a Module for the backend bit of my locales. (Yii Modules are best depicted as smaller than expected applications which dwell inside your principle application).

2. Uses Modern Technologies

Yii is an unadulterated OOP system and exploits some of PHP’s further developed highlights, including late static authoritative, SPL classes and interfaces, and unknown capacities.

All classes are namespaced, which enables you to exploit their PSR-4 agreeable autoloader

3. Empowers Testing

Yii is firmly incorporated with Codeception. Codeception is an extraordinary PHP testing structure that rearranges the way toward making a unit, practical and acknowledgment tests for your application.

4. Profoundly Extensible

Yii resembles a suit that looks incredible off of the rack, but at the same time is anything but difficult to tailor to fit your needs. Basically, every part of the structure is extensible

5. Rearranges Security

Security is a critical piece of any web application, and luckily Yii has some extraordinary highlights to help facilitate your psyche.

Yii accompanies a Security application part that opens a few strategies to help with making a more secure application. A portion of the more helpful techniques are:

generatePasswordHash:  Generates a safe hash from a secret key and an arbitrary salt. This technique makes an arbitrary salt for you, and after that makes a hash of the provided string utilizing PHP’s tomb work.

 validatePassword: This is the sidekick capacity to generatePasswordHash, and enables you to check whether the client provided watchword coordinates your put away hash.

 generaterandomkey: Allows you to make an arbitrary string of any length

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